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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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breaking news from palo alto early was a police search for a man in a frightening home invasion that left a woman fearing for her life. >> katie marzullo is live at the search scene. >> reporter: police have called off the k-9 search but still actively looking for this man. the only description they can give is that he was wearing dark clothing. take a look at video from earlier this morning around:20 this happened. this is when the -- around 2:20 this happened, this is when the k-9 unit was called in the victim a woman in her 20s she is at the police station interviewed. after the interview police hope to know more about what happen. here's what they know right now. >> unknown male made entry into this woman's apartment. she woke to find the male intruder inside her apartment. she screamed out of fear, obviously.
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he ran away, he fled. >> reporter: police won't say how he got into her home, whether or not he broke in or was able to gain entry through an open window or door they are calling this an isolated incident but say it is a serious crime and rare in this area. katie marzullo, pause pause -- katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> the big story, when is the next storm going to hit? >> right. even before there will be showers. yeah, that's what is going on ahead of this next system, several showers in the north bay around clear lake, here's 101, light shower activity, still keeping the roadways wet and just going to increase throughout the day. the rest of the bay area not too bad out by inverness and point rays and novato highway
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101 through lucas valley road, san rafael, mid to upper 50s as you head out, showers to continue to develop throughout the north bay, then spread south throughout the afternoon heavier rain overnight into friday morning grab that umbrella in the north bay or out for an extended period today. good morning. wet roads from overnight showers, bay bridge live look, no issues, we have high winds on the bay bridge this morning, no metering lights and no other problems on the span. san jose, live look at northbound 87 past the hp pavillion, left side, traffic light as you can see, one problem in napa due to wet roads and animal car swerved to miss a deer, flipping blocking northbound lane 121 at 128 there's a "sig alert" in effect there.
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northbound 880 hegenberger earlier accident cleared. in sonoma county residents and businesses are preparing for the next round of storms. nearly an inch of rain fell in downtown petaluma yesterday. some in low-lying areas say they are not taking chances. one family has been packing sandbags to protect their business. they have experience with flooding. >> the water was in this whole area, the rain was immense and this building happened to be at the base all the structures around us are elevated a few feet here is like in the valley. >> west of santa rosa in the ton of occidental, trees fell yesterday in ground that is already saturated, authorities say they are preparing for more downed trees they expect the next two storms to pack a stronger punch than the first. marin county crews on standby for the next several
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days, a few areas still experience flooding caused by high tide and rain yesterday like sir francis drake boulevard san anselmo and intersection of highway one-on-one 01 in mill valley. as a -- precaution workers are disputing sandbags in the mission district to protect businesses and homes, folsom street former lagoon, rainwater trickles from other neighborhoods in the past it has caused flooding the city has a multi-million dollar plan in the works to help keep the mission from flooding. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the storm getting ready to hit the bay area, track the storms yourself with live doppler 7 hd at san francisco police have a wanted parolee in custody. police recognize the man yesterday on monterey build he collided with a police vehicle
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while diving away last night after someone phoned in a -- while driving away last night after someone phoned in a tip. they set up a perimeter, police negotiators were able to convince the man to surrender. amy hollyfield will have more in a live report in the next half hour. 5:05. oakland police investigating that city's 116th homicide of the year. detectives say a man was shot and killed in east oakland after 8:00 last night. officers found the victim unresponsive near the san leandro border. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the murders of two teenaged oakland this week have underscoreed growing fear that criminals are getting bolder. 15-year-old raquel gerstel and her 16-year-old friend bobbie sartain were gunned down, the shootings have left family
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members and friends looking for answers. >> i within to the morgue, the coroner's office -- i couldn't believe it was my daughter, the picture i saw, they shot her quite a few times. >> my daughter wasn't where she was supposed to be. i begged and pleaded with her to stay off the streets of oakland. she was supposed to be at a friend's house. it is bad out there in oakland right now. >> two and a half miles from the murder scene in elementary school residents gathered last night for a briefing by police they talked about pike in crime with brazen armed robberies and how not to be -- to be a target by keeping valuables out of sight. >> police looking for a missing girl with autism, 16-year-old shyanne white was last seen near fruitvale plaza last evening. police say shyanne walked off from a home for children. crews are inspecting
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marina boulevard over pass to i-880 in san leandro for any damage caused by an unusual accident it may have been damaged by three crushed cars which fell off the back of a truck yesterday afternoon. caltrans had to shutdown two lanes. those lanes reopened 10:00 last night one lane on marina boulevard was closed past midnight. cupertino-based apple is expanding offices to a third south bay city. apple has struck a deal with a developer for a custom two building campus on -- in santa clara on stevens creek boulevard near the cupertino border. the site could accommodate more than 1200 workers. apple says it has out green room for expansion in cupertino. the company has leased space in sunnyvale where some 5,000 employees could be located.
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you know those dry days, we have to put those on the back burner until monday, between now and then, it is going to be wet. it is already damp pavement no matter where you are in the nexus tells, stronger winds, heavier rain through the end of the weekend. -- doppler shows the rain in cloverdale, by cobb mountain, clear lake further south highway 30 out of lucas valley, -- 37, out of lucas valley, ignacio, low to mid 60s, showers continue to develop throughout the afternoon today, first in the north bay then sinking south by the afternoon commute a few showers more like the later evening hours the rain picks up, 7:00, 8:00 tonight, then we are looking at the rain becoming more
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widespread. here's a look at what is to come, 5:00 this afternoon, a few showers then heaviest rain late tonight into tomorrow. right now is what you call a little break. good morning. live shot of the macarthur maze, from 580 towards the bay bridge or 880 and 80, all moving nicely this morning, flowing through the maze with no problems, no problems on the bay bridge although we have high winds, be careful there. out of antioch starting to slow, typical, hillcrest towards 242, less than 15 minutes as you make your way westbound on highway 4. not bad out of tracy towards livermore, still 15 minutes from livermore up and over into the dublin pleasanton interchange. all mass transit, grey way to go everybody is on schedule. -- 5:10. one of the nation's most
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decorated generals comes to the defense of david petraeus. next, why he says the other woman is to blame. legacy "star wars" director george lucascus
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good morning, 5:13.
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live look from mount sutro towards san francisco, you may run into an isolated shower this morning. the heavier rain will come this afternoon. meteorologist lisa argen is watching live doppler. man in custody near sacramento charged with the murder of an animal control officer in the town halfway between stockton and sacramento the unarmed officer went to the home of a man evicted yesterday who said he had no place to keep his animals. as the officer approached a shotgun blast tore through the door. the gunman is believed to be the evicted man. the house was supposed to have been empty. general petraeus has admitted to a close friend that he screwed up royally in his affair with paula broadwell. he confided in an old army friend retired general shelton, according to him, petraeus told him in a letter resigning
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from the cia was the right thing to do. he talked to "good morning america" about what he thought about the affair. >> i don't think she wove a web around dave and dragged him in i don't think that at all. i think it was mutual that he wasn't looking for it, it happened women >> petraeus talked about -- shelton talked about petraeus' wife holly saying he's fortunate to be married to such a forgiving woman. earlier he blamed broadwell for the affair and said his friend was the innocent one. medical center in castro valley gearing up for big move this saturday, rain or shine doctors will transfer 65 patients from the old hospital to the new one. officials have built a covered walkway between the facilities in case of rain. the 320 million dollar hospital was built to meet california's seismic safety
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law. filmmaker george lucas is moving forward with a plan that will bring a new park. donating vacant building downtown san anselmo. he has filed for a permit to demolish the building and make way for the new park, it will include bronze statues of indiana jones and yoda. expect today to open by summer. that seems so far away. >> it is. >> let's compare the difference between yesterday and today. yesterday was a quick burst we are going to see a stronger within for the second tonight and strongest for the -- stronger one for the second tonight and strongest for the weekend. right now question yet conditions in san francisco, you can't tell that to the folks in the north bay, they've had the light showers on and off where we start with live doppler 7 hd, blue and green is representing light rain through cloverdale and
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clear lake this morning. as you head south, the roads are wet into windsor and highway 37, san rafael through novato, lakeville highway, all looking at light shower activity. temperatures from the low 50s around the delta, 57 in san jose, good morning san francisco 57 for you, mild 57 at our coast next storm hangs north throughout much of the day today then slides south throughout the latter afternoon and evening this will bring us into a wet and windy friday then we see showers taper into saturday, stormy conditions again late saturday into sunday. next system most of the energy up to the north, it will slide to the south, high surf
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good morning! wow.
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. good thursday morning. enjoy the dry conditions now because that is going to change. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. in palo alto a woman woke to
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find an intruder in her apartment early this morning. a live look at the scene, hawthorne and high street, you can see the police cars, crime tape all up. police say the woman in her 20s in that apartment was not hurt. she screamed and the man fled. officers searched an eight radius 2:20 this morning with a k-9 unite an area a few blocks from university -- unit, an area a few s from university avenue in the downtown area. they are still on the scene. -- katie marzullo will have a live report in 30 minutes. developing news from san francisco, wanted parolee behind bars after ramming a police car and holding a s.w.a.t. team at bay for several hours. amy hollyfield is live at the hall of justice. federal agents are involved as well. >> reporter: yeah, he had just been released from federal prison. san francisco police spotted him, they saw him and knew right away he was a wanted man
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they recognized him, he's a 24-year-old man, local tie to a gang this all started at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police activity went on for several hours. police spotted him at 3:00, 8:00 they got him. they recognized him, knew he was wanted he had just been released from federal prison this week but he didn't go to a parole meeting he saw police he took off in his green mustang and ran it into a list car at monterey antigen . he got away, -- 8:00 this night police got a tip he was holed up in a home on appleton. they brought out the crisis negotiators. >> tactical team and crisis negotiators [ inaudible ] perimeter was set up when the police department made contact with the suspect he surrendered without further incident. >> reporter: police have not released his name.
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they expect they may do that later this morning. they say his prior prison sentence was for firearms violations. he was taken into custody without incident he's in jail now. he did run into that police car, no police officers were hurt. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. now 5:31. >> you can see amy and katie both dry now. things are going to change quickly. >> both got the rain gear on because they know what is coming. live doppler this morning picking up light rain in the north bay, this is far north in cloverdale, dry creek road, clear lake, highway 120, you've had the on and off showers all night long. here's another area highway 101 in marin county, novato through san anselmo, lucas valley road, a shower in sonoma, also west marin light showers. here's the trajectory, most of the activity is to the north,
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this all sinks south, that is going to bring heavy rain later tonight into friday morning. heading out the door, 50s this afternoon, scattered showers, bring the rain gear. now live shot of the bay bridge toll, very light, no problems, we have gusty winds, just be aware of that. no metering lights yet, no issues on upper deck, cantilever through the tunnel into san francisco. another shot of the san mateo bridge from clawiter and toll westbound, tail lights towards the highrise and towards the san mateo area, still a good drive, 13, 14 minutes either direction also towards hayward moving nicely "sig alert" napa highway 121 at 128 overturned vehicle northbound lane. once again, san francisco great highway closed due to sand removal between lincoln and sloot. >> with this the north bay residents are bracing for more rain.
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yesterday morning nearly an inch fell quickly in santa rosa bushed -- rushed into the creek where a hopeless couple and their dog were taking shelter in a culver. they were swept away into the frigid water. fortunately they were able to make it to the river's bank and they are recovering. this morning caltrans keeping a close eye on deficient individuals slide along highway 1 between pacifica and monitor , an area that has chronic problems with rock slides in 1995 and 2006 the hillside separated and slid towards the ocean causing months long closures crews have been cleaning out drains and a superintendent drives the highway everyday for inspection. there are electronic monitors buried in the hillside if the slope move as alarm sounds at caltrans center in oakland. >> go along it, you can look and see where they've put up supports and you know, if one sigh of the highway falls in, usually the other -- if one
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side of the highway falls in usually the other side is golden. >> new tunnels replacing the unstable highway set to open early next year. crews in daly city expected to inspect a hillside that gave way in a water main break the rain we are expecting raising new concerns that more of the hillside may give way the november 13th, rupture let loose gallons of water and unleashed a huge mudslide. crews have been out there every dry day replacing the soil. this picture sent from a viewer a tree fell on top of a truck in newark yesterday. as the storms continue throughout the week we want to see what you are experiencing. send us your photos to u-report or share them on our facebook page or twitter feed. stay with abc7 news -- >> for continuing coverage. in 10 minutes or so what caltrans is doing to prevent
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storm problems on a treacherous roadway. >> president obama welcomes mitt romney to the white house for a private lunch today, the first time the two have met since the election. it willful fill a promise mr. obama made during his victory speech. the white house says there is no specific agenda for the meeting, except the president would like to discuss romney's ideas. treasury secretary geithner and a white house aide head to capitol hill today for separate talks on the so-called fiscal cliff. they will discuss how to avert a series of tax increases and spending cuts due to begin in january. there's been little evident progress in talks between the white house and lead gop negotiator, house speaker boehner. if you the past few days wishing you lived somewhere that has power ball, you may get your wish. california may be getting in on the big game, already played in 42 other states. lottery officials meet today
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and are expected to regulations to join power ball on the heels of staggering jackpot of 579 million dollars. two winners, arizona and misery -- arizona and missouri. 5:36. let's see what is going on with the weather. . good morning. up in the north bay, clover lake, clear lake, dry creek road light showers will continue to increase throughout the afternoon south afternoon novato into san rafael, light showers, lucas valley road, damp, winds are breezy this is in advance of this next system, look at this these thunderstorms
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offshore, these are going to stay north, we are looking at this line of heavier rain to move in throughout the later evening. chance of showers morning, afternoon by the evening this is when we'll see more widespread rain in fact it is going to be moving in through the overnight hours, heavy at times, right on through your friday afternoon commute. a little breezy, a little wet, temperatures once again on the mild side and we will be looking at numbers in the next couple days to stay mild, these are all moist systems the last system comes late saturday into sunday. good morning. the rain light showers towards lucas valley road out of san rafael, drive here you can see tail lights past lucas valley road north san pedro road, fry 'tis parkway past civic center moving -- nicety. southern marin and the golden gate bridge, four lanes
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configured southbound off the waldo grade, clear, no problems, waze app, you can see traffic on the 680 corridor leaving walnut creek towards dublin pardon me dublin pleasanton area southbound still nice, moderate traffic highway 4 leaving antioch yellow line is typically slow as you make your way towards 242. maneuver your commute download this free app, follow along at abc7 news. 5:38. two women pulled to safety from their burning camper. the heroic action of a stranger who put his life in jeopardy. brazen jewelry store heist in the bay area. this morning this video police want you to see hoping it
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good morning on this thursday, live look looking down on san francisco from sutro tower and the camera on it, it is dry this morning we have a few clouds across the bay into oakland. we have a few showers this morning. they are going to build, leading to the next ron of storms coming in tonight.
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lisa argen will tell you what you need to know to stay dry and how to land your commute, coming up. in the -- los gatos police released new video of a brazen jewelry store robbery two men rushed into the store on university avenue tuesday. one man can be seen pointing a gun at customers and workers cases with a hammer. the two got away in a grey jetta with north carolina plates officers found that vehicle a few minutes later, jewelry and robbers were gone. former high school classmate of a girl who died in a car crash on the peninsula last friday is now raising money to help the family, she and her sister were killed in a crash on highway 101 near embarcadero road. the suv driven by their father swerved into a chp patrol car on the side of the freeway before it flipped several times. the father, his wife and two other daughters were injured.
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a friend and former classmate at notre dame high in belmont has raised more than $800. the money will go toward the -- more than $6800. the money will go towards the families expenses. oregon man on mount hood save after 10 hour rescue effort to reach him. they say the climb not hurt, just cold. he used his cell phone to call 911 from the mountain yesterday saying a snow storm moved in answer couldn't find his way down. he kept in constant contact with deputies and posted his status to face book. for some customers toys "r" us turning into complaints are us. good morning. possible problems at toys "r" us some customers complaining that they purchased black friday bargains online but were told after the sale was over that
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the items they purchased were out of stock at that price. toys "r" us says it continues to work hard to accommodate each customer's individual needs. even if you manage today to successfully order the item you want you may have trouble getting it on time, clerical workers at the port of los angeles are on strike. the port with neighboring port of long beach handle a large amount of imports from a higher close for stocks yesterday on optimism a budget deal would be reached. the nation's millionaires, like dogs better than cats. a study says more than 70% of senior corporate executives own dogs compared to 46% of pet owners overall. execs may prefer dogs over cats because of their loyalty, nearly a quarter surveyed say they spent more than $2,000 a year on their canine companions. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. looking at the storm
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yesterday and today, yesterday we saw the wind is today going to be wetter? >> we have wind with this too. after this we are expecting flooding for the streams and creeks in north bay this one bigger impacts with the wind and the rain. the last one should be even bigger. live doppler 7 hd this morning still picking up rain in the north bay, very light from clear lake to cloverdale, highway 101 this is in advance of the next system headed our way, further south into espn and san rafael highway 37 just had a shower 101 rain from ignacio through wood acre roads are damp and we are looking at strong storms off the coast extreme northern california. piece of this energy continues to slight south bringing heavy rain gusty winds tonight into tomorrow this will bring up the rain totals two to four inches in the north bay after this system. 58° in mountain view, 57
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san francisco, the next storm this afternoon into the evening, wet and windy conditions throughout the day friday, winds down into saturday, then another one for saturday into sunday. this is when russian river could be flooding by sunday morning. satellite and radar shows all cloud cover and moisture throughout much of california. the main energy right now up to the north. here's storm number two, still offshore and it will bring in that heavier rain throughout the evening. the overnight hours into friday morning commute. here's the last system for the latter part of the weekend. 1:00 scattered showers more widespread throughout the afternoon then main band of rain sinking south tonight here's the commute tomorrow 5:00, through 10:00, front pushes through, a lot of showers behind the front, friday into saturday this is number three. rainfall amounts really gonna
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stack up with this second system, grounds will be saturated by the third system, problems up to six inches this is just the second system in the santa cruz mountains, far north bay, three to six inches, 1 1/2 to three inches east bay, 63 san mateo, six i four concord today with scattered showers -- 64 concord today with scattered showers and we don't dry out until monday. >> el cerrito, richmond berkeley 80 westbound getting a little busy but still moving over the university overcrossing as you make your way towards emeryville and bay bridge. couple of minor delays with the cars paying cash, otherwise everybody else is moving into the toll nicely and the metering lights remain off into san francisco on the upper deck. san leandro still with a problem east 2004 teenth at 162nd avenue -- at east 14th at 162nd avenue, waiting for
5:48 am
flatbed to get the cars out of the area that intersection is jammed, amy hollyfield is on the way there right now to give us a further update. highway 24 not a bad drive out of walnut creek towards the caldecott there's highway 1 out of santa rosa and 92 your san mateo bridge commute. 5:48. newly released report has cleared three santa clara deputies of any wrongdoing for shooting at a gunman who kill three co-workers at a cupertino quarry. deputies fired 44 shots, eight struck the man. investigators say he died after shooting himself in the head. the district attorney's office found one of the victims died after making a heroic effort to save a co-worker. he tried to tackle the man after watching him shoot his supervisor, but he missed and he was shot and killed.
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i-team exclusive, state prison officials denied parole for one of the chowchilla kidnappers. fred woods and two other men abducted a busload of school children in 1976. they drove them to a quarry in livermore and locked them in a buried van the children and bus driver managed to dig their way out after 16 hours before the kidnappers could driver a five million dollar ransom demand. one was released in february. the parole board denied woods' release. the board says he has not taken full responsibility for his role in the crime. dan noyes was at the prison all day and he will have new details of the kidnapping, tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. school grounds keeper called a hero after he pulled two women out of a burning motor home in san jose. the fire started in the rv while it was parked outside a
5:50 am
home yesterday morning. the man who wants to remain anonymous, saw the flames from the school across the street, he sprang into action to save the women inside. >> they were trying to escape, one severely burnt her hands and they were not able to get out. they were banging and yelling. mr. hernandez, somehow pride or got that door open and grabbed a garden hose and extinguished a certain amount of that fire before we got there. >> three-month-old pit bull puppy was found cowering in the rv, he is expected to be okay. you drink gatorade? >> sometimes, yeah. >> you may be getting more than you bargain for when quenching your thirst. the surprising ingredient that sparked a movement. government's plan to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon.
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when it comes to gas prices expect to pay more. motorists on pace to spend a record sum, 483 billion dollars in the year 2012 that breaks down to more than a billion dollars a day. experts say hurricane sandy and an investigation into refinery practices impacted the spike. there's some good news. the energy department projects fuel prices are expected to average about $3 boy 44 next
5:54 am
year. >> -- $3.44 next year. a bill called major step toward in protecting your electronic privacy the measure would require sewer a warrant from a judge before accessing content -- -- critics say the bill will do little to keep law enforcement from combing through e-mails and other private electronic messages. did you enjoy your dry commute this morning? >> it was more stable than yesterday. there's going to be rain later on today. live doppler already picking up light showers into the north bay, highway 101 cloverdale, clear lake and dry creek road you've had the persistent light rain showers, more intermittent from napa, sonoma, highway 37, lakeville
5:55 am
highway, novato, into rafael some wet weather. temperatures mild, upper 50s san francisco, 59 oakland, grab the umbrella, the rain will be increasing throughout the afternoon. more showers heaviest rain holds off until late tonight into the overnight hours making for a messy friday morning. good morning. we still have problem in napa, i wanted to show you the san jose northbound 87 starting to pick up, as you make your way past hp pavillion at the limit. napa "sig alert" overturn blocking northbound direction of 121 at 128 in the clearing stages. great highway closed because of sand removal in san francisco, high wind there is. >> 5:56. mississippi teen on a mission this morning to get rid of a flame retardant chemical found in a popular sports drink. 15-year-old sarah cavanaugh
5:56 am
start add online petition targeting orange gatorade she wants bvo removed. experts say it is used in some fruit flavored drinks to stabilize flavor. cavanaugh argues if the company already makes it without the flame retardant if europe, why not here in the u.s.. new study between diabetes and high fructose corn syrup, countries with more in their food play had a 20% higher rate of diabetes type 2. average person in germany consumes one pound of high fructose con syrup a year in the u.s., the highest in the world, 55 pounds. -- one of the more bizarre stories from the cold war. documents show the united states once planned to set off a nuclear explosion on the moon. the project was con receivered in 1958 during the height --
5:57 am
con receivered in 1958 during the height of the cold war, calling for ballistic missile to be launched about the size of the one dropped on hiroshima. a year later the u.s. decide -- decide i had the was not fees able. i was supposed to intimidate the soviet union. police still searching for a man in frightening home invasion. new focus on energy drinks and possible health risks. scrutiny government may be -- additional scrutiny the government may be asking for.
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breaking news from palo alto police still searching downtown area for a man after a woman woke to a frightening disdover night. >> here's a map of the


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